Kitchen Knife Review

Who Will Get the Best Kitchen Knife of 2014 Award?

2013 is behind us..what can we expect on the kitchen knife front for 2014?

2013 was a quiet year in general for kitchen knives.  Whilst in 2012 we had the amazing set of Ken Onion Shun knives which were quite possibly some of the most beautiful and distinctly designed kitchen knives that have ever been.  We also had a great series of blades from Victorinox which looked at cornering the more entry level end of the market.
So what to look forward to in 2014?  Well, as we all know it is quite rare for any of the big forging houses to come out with entire new ranges and styles of knives, but I have got a good feeling about the year ahead that we could be in for something exciting.  I have nothing to substantiate this with at the moment but I will be keeping an ear to the ground to see if it rings true.
Some of the guides and information here has lapsed a bit in the last few months, so I'll hopefully be updating with a bit more regularity in to what's going on in the world of kitchen knives!