Kitchen Knife Review

Henckels Classic Chef's Knife

Henckels Classic Chef's Knife

At the moment review some of the best kitchen light of 2015 second on the list is this Henckels international classic 8 inch multipurpose chef’s knife.

It’s the perfect apartment from the kitchen for all of your chopping slicing mincing and dicing requirements.

The chefs life is made of carbon steel sourced in Germany that hot dropforged for durability this means that the knife edge knife blade itself is less exposed to damage through extreme strain and stresses and temperature.

Handle is triple riveted which means there’s a wooden handle on there with three rivets through it which go through the handle and into the tang which is the solid core of the knife itself.

Additionally there is a bolster on this knife, meaning there is a separate piece of material separating the handle from the sharp and blade edge. This is a particularly important safety feature because it means when your hand is wet and slippery and you slip, you will not put your hand on the blade itself you’ll be blocked by the Bolster so we really are big fans of that.

Again was with seeing a Victorinox knife being recommended and okay for dishwasher use device here is that this is dishwasher safe knife but does have hand washing recommendation. However don’t think this is a compromise in terms of quality and durability because it doesn’t come with a lifetime warranty.

These are classic knives that use the world over by home enthusiasts and also professional kitchens. Henckels are a well-established manufacturer and have been making cutlery for hundreds of years, and is well worth a look especially because their prices tend to be a little bit more on the entry-level side that some of the more expensive manufacturers.

In order to get the best out of European steel knife blades such as this one we strongly recommend a little and often approach to knife sharpening whereby you are not too heavy-handed with your sharpening steel or sharpener.