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The Best Jumbo Steak Knives

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Jumbo Steak Knives

Jumbo Steak knives are a must have for any meat lover; they bring a real bistro feel to any home and are a rare treat when you are visiting friends for dinner to be able to use these classic pieces of cutlery.

Designed - as the name suggests - to get through beef and other cooked meat, the jumbo upgrade makes these particular style of steak knife really easy to handle and make you feel like you’re eating in a traditional steak house.

We wanted to do a round up of some of the best jumbo steak knives, and we are always aware of the different budgets that people face. As such we have broken down our reviews in to 4 categories (which you can see in the table of contents above) - we cover off the best quality, then the best set of knives to give as a gift. We then do the cheapest set and finish up with what we think are the best value; this will be interesting to a lot of readers as it offers the best quality/price balance!

So, put your napkin in and get stuck in to the below

Best Quality Jumbo Steak Knives

Schmidt Brothers Double Edge Steak Knives

Best Quality Jumbo Steak Knives

These german manufactured steak knives are some of the highest quality jumbo knives you can get. There are fewer buying options in this jumbo category, so it’s a real pleasure to find these high quality knives from Europe.

They are forged from 100% German stainless steel and wrapped in super high quality, and beautifully finished Asian teak to give them a real contemporary look and feel. The blade steels themselves are full tang, meaning it is a single piece of forged steel that then has the wooden handles rivetted on; this gives them a good, heavy balanced feel and will make them a joy to use.

We highly recommend this set if you are looking for the top quality, but remember that with the highly polished blade and genuine wooden handles, you are best hand washing them and not putting them in the washer! So, not for the lazy cooks, but definitely bring a note of excellence to the dinner plate.

This set of 6 knives are all 5 inches long, double blade edged and come in a handsome wooden box. As always, check out Amazon for the best price

Best Gift Set

Outset Jackson Steak Knives

Best Gift Set

Whilst the Schmidt Brothers knives above are super high quality, we think these Outset Jackson jumbo steak knives make of the best gift sets you can get for a steak lover. Similarly high quality, there are only 4 knives in this set bringing their price point down to a range that is more palatable for most people’s gift giving budgets.

This set of 4 classic steakhouse knives feature super sharp knife tips and a very fine serrated edge, meaning you can finely slice your perfectly cooked fillets with immense satisfaction.

As you can see from the picture above/to the right, this set also features contoured rosewood handles, making them super comfy to hold and use.

Again, with any wooden handled cutlery, or those with high quality steel blades we definitely advise Handwashing.

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Cheapest Jumbo Steak Knives

Faberware Jumbo Steak Knives

Cheapest Jumbo Steak Knives

Now, we know that not everyone wants to spend as much on cutlery, and just need something to get the job done. As such we would recommend this Faberware set in the best cheapest category.

Here we see 4 quality knives coming with a lifetime limited warranty at a price point well below the other jumbo knife sets we’re featuring.

This is definitely a good choice for those who are budget conscious, but there is still a tone of quality and consistency running through these steak knives. The stainless steel blades are highly durable and the chunky grip handles really give these knives a taste of the jumbo steakhouse feel we all love and find so comforting!

Faberware advise handwashing, and whilst we agree, it is less imperative for plastic handled cutlery such as these.

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Best Value Jumbo Steak Knives

Cook N Home Jumbo Steak Knife Set

Best Value Jumbo Steak Knives

We are wrapping up these reviews with what we think are the best value jumbo steak knives available right now.

We judge value to be defined as the trade off between price and quality - so these knives are more affordable than some of the quality/gift sets listed above, but are of a quality that won’t disappoint.

These Cook N Home full tang knives are solidly built with triple rivet handles. These knives have the added benefit of being Bakelite, meaning they will give an added benefit of increased hygiene, and they are ergonomically designed to be a joy to use.

Now, this is obviously one of the larger jumbo sets we have covered off here, with 8 knives with a 4 and three quarter inch blade. All in the knives are 9.5” so will definitely need a bit of storage consideration given there is enough here for two families to get through a steakhouse dinner!

Cook N Home advise against the dishwasher for cleaning these knives so better to protect your investment by hand washing!

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All in there are some great jumbo steak knives here - a set for a broad range of buying needs; top quality sets, best value, cheapest and of course the best for a gift set.

With all cutlery products we always recommend careful handwashing with warm soapy water as the best way to protect them and keep them in good shape for years to come!

Happy steak eating, y’all!