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Victorinox Fibrox Paring Knife

Victorinox Fibrox Paring Knife
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Just the other day I covered the Fibrox Knife Set and here we are again, back with another Victorinox Fibrox kitchen knife.

Why, you ask? Well, they are relatively new onto the Kitchen Knife market scene, and quite unusually, these are quality - even professional - level knives at very affordable prices.

My very first experience with Victorinox - apart from their swiss army knives - was with a (non fibrox) paring knife that I still use 5 years later for small jobs needing a robust and sharp knife. It has - perhaps a little surprisingly - held its sharpness very well over the years, especially when you consider the abuse it has taken!

Of all the Fibrox knives doing the rounds at the moment - noted for their utilitarian design and composite plastic handles that are actually very comfortable - the paring knife seems to be the most popular. Although I can’t accurately say why this is, I would hazard a guess by saying that Victorinox do the smaller kitchen knives a bit better than they do the big chef’s knives.

Anyway, if you are in the market for a new paring knife and you don’t have a huge budget, you would do well to invest in this Fibrox paring knife - it will last you a good many years and it is a truly functional and very effective little work horse for the kitchen.

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