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Tom Douglas Kai Chef S Knife

Tom Douglas Kai Chef S Knife
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The celebrity chef and famous restauranteer Tom Douglas has been teaming up with various different kitchen knife producers to create a new line of branded knives.

This time it is with Kai, who are well renowned for producing great quality Japanese Santoku Kitchen Knives, and this 8 inch chef’s knife is a great collaboration.

What is perhaps more interesting about this kitchen knife partnership is that it is also involving, who are selling this chefs knife exclusively - that is, you cannot get it anywhere else.

Reviews have been good so far, with people finding this knife good but not GREAT. This is understandable as is a little bit of fusion between east and west, and whilst Kai have over 700 years of heritage when it comes to producing some of the best kitchen knives, they are probably not as used to working directly with Western chef’s to co produce a product line.

All in, definitely a very capable chef’s knife and offers a bit of diversity away from the more traditional brands of kitchen knife.

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