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The Top 5 Best Cheese Knife Sets

The Top 5 Best Cheese Knife Sets
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As Christmas approaches, many of us are going to be tucking into the wine and cheese like there is no tomorrow. However, there is nothing worse that serving up a well put together board of cheese only to find that you don’t have any proper cheese knives.

Check out some of these cheese knife sets below and arm yourself before Christmas!

Laguiole Set of Two Cheese Knives,Lemon

Laguiole Set of Two Cheese Knives

Laguiole have been making high quality cheese knives for as long as I can remember. So long in fact, that not many people will remember, as they have been operating out of France for over 200 years, producing some of the most iconic and well crafted dining table knives that exist. Whilst they are famed for making some of the [best steak knives](, they also produce some great cheese knives. This set of two is again, iconic in style, and perfect if there are just a few of you who really enjoy your cheese, as opposed to a big group.

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Prodyne K-4-S Stainless Steel Cheese Knives, Set of 4

Prodyne Stainless Steel Cheese Knives

Instead of providing the usual cheese knives that are all the same that enable people to each reach over and poach themselves a bit of cheese, these Prodyne knives are designed to overcome all cheese related challenges at the table. By providing a mix of tools, it ensures that you can slice, chop, shave and spread your cheese in stainless steel style. Whilst they can be a bit short and stubby to use, they are actually quite effective at getting the job done.

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Chicago Cutlery 8-Piece Wine and Cheese Knife Set

Chicago Cutlery Wine and Cheese Knife Set

Here we can see a great combination of design and styles courtesy of Chicago cutlery. We have an element of the old world style that we see in the indomitable Laguiole cheese knives, but with a more modern twist on the cheese knives themselves, which we would expect from a more modern company such as Chicago cutlery. Recognizing that cheese should never really be enjoyed without some wine, they have doubled up in this great little wooden box, which helps to make it a prefect christmas gift for those who enjoy the best of the wine and cheese worlds.

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Swissmar Petite Cheese Knife Set, #SK8214SS

Swissmar Petite Cheese Knife Set

Again we can see a tendency towards the clean, brushed stainless steel style cheese knives from Swissmar - a company famed for making good quality kitchen and dining utensils and accessories. This set of four petite cheese knives is the perfect size to put in a picnic hamper (when the weather warms up) to take out on a picnic with you, to enjoy spreading a bit of brie onto some crackers and tucking into a good bottle of red wine. Although very similar in style to some of the cheese knife sets above, this Swissmar set is a little cheaper and offers a good all round balance for your cheese needs.

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OXO Steel 4-Piece Cheese Knife Set

OXO Steel 4-Piece Cheese Knife Set

Finally we come onto OXO, which is a company that rarely escapes the "best of lists" here on Kitchen Knife Review. They have a tendency to "just make great stuff" that is reliable, comfortable to use, efficient and above all of that, usually very well priced. Not priced so cheaply that you think they quality is sub par, but not too expensive to be unaffordable. This set of 4 cheese knives allows you to tackle all different types of cheeses and textures, enabling the spreading of the soft cheeses and easily cutting or shaving some of the more resilient varieties. All in, a very good set of cheese knives.

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