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The Reality Of Kitchen Knife Sets

The Reality Of Kitchen Knife Sets

I have talked extensively here on kitchen knife review about how knife sets and pre-packaged knife blocks are not really essential to your day to day kitchen life. In fact, I actually advocate going the other way, and buying your knives individually so as not to leave yourself with knife overload.

Personally, I get by with 4 kitchen knives - one large chef’s knife, one smaller chef’s knife, a utility knife and a paring knife. To be honest, I could quite happily subsist on just the three knives. Provided that you have access to a small utility or paring knife, and trusty everyday chef’s knife and a larger knife for more heavy duty slicing and dicing, you are not going to be lusting after any other knives.

When most people shop for and buy large kitchen knife sets, no matter what the price, they more often and not end up with a hefty bit of kitchen real estate taken up by a needless chunk of wood. Furthermore, the reality of this situation is far more washing up that anyone wants to deal with.

Nine out of 10 of us simply do not need a cleaver or a specialized carving knife; we can manage just fine on a small selection of kitchen knives. Remember that so much choice isn’t necessarily a good thing.

So remember, if you are in the market for some new kitchen knives, or thinking of buying a new set of knives, just think whether you really need 18 different knives. By buying fewer, not only do you get less clutter in the kitchen, but you also get better value for money and are able to buy more expensive kitchen knives.