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The Best Pestle And Mortar In 2011

The Best Pestle And Mortar In 2011
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The Pestle & Mortar is perhaps one of the most iconic items in any kitchen around the world. Unfortunately, for many people they are nothing but a paper weight or something taking up space on your kitchen counter. I would love to see more people making the most of their pestle and mortars because they allow you to grind and infuse flavor and spice more effectively than any other kitchen gadget or device in the world.

Quite honestly, your food can taste far more flavorsome if you add your pestle and mortar into the mix, so it is will worth investing in a good one.

They have been popularized over the last few years, which unfortunately means that dozens of different generic brands have cropped up in your favorite stores. Many of these do not really cut the mustard and cut corners of the more traditional pestle and mortars.

This granite mortar & pestle from ImportFood is, quite simply, one of the best in its class. The granite makes it one of the heaviest you can get, but it is far more hard wearing and will not mix stone dust into your food; obviously, being such a hard material, you will have to extra careful when hefting around your kitchen, as it could easily take out a good dinner set! It is pretty heavy to wield and use properly, but the twelve pound heavy bowl and grinder combo will make a meal (no pun intended) of anything you put in it.

It is a hand carved bowl from one solid slab of granite from Thailand. This means there are no weak points in the bowl so it won’t crack or chip.

If you’re still not convinced that this pestle and mortar is the best investment of your money, ImportFood was rated as the best manufacturer of them by The Wall Street Journal in 2007!

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