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The Best Pastry Scraper And Chopper

The Best Pastry Scraper And Chopper
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If you’ve baked anything then you have already been there. Stuck in an impossible situation of trying to get sticky pastry off of fingers on both hands whilst trying not to get it stuck to yet another kitchen utensil, and not wanting to ruin your new tea towels by just dry scrubbing it off. It is, quite possibly, the most frustrating situation for a baker to be in, and in all honestly wastes quite a lot of time as you’re trying to get yourself out of the sticky mess.

A pastry scraper makes a lot of these problems go away, and OXO are old hands at making great quality, usable and durable kitchen stuff. It is designed so it can double up as a scraper and a splitter - you will appreciate being able to split and cut dough on your chopping board without having to pollute yet another kitchen knife or spatula with dough. The scraper is where it really comes into its own, though, as you can easily scrape the inside of a bowl, or even a chopping board, clean.

As with most OXO kitchen utensils and gadgets, this “good grips” multi-purpose scraper comes with an extra come handle, which means no matter how many cookies you’re cuttin’, your hands should stay nice and comfortable. As a bonus, there are measuring marks along the pastry cutter, which help you when slicing and cutting specific sizes of dough.

Of course, given that OXO are very good at making kitchen products that are designed to be used and abused, this pastry scraper and chopper is fully dishwasher safe!

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