Kitchen Knife Review

The Best Kitchen Knife Sets

The Best Kitchen Knife Sets
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Kitchen Knife Sets are almost without question, the center piece to your kitchen accessories. Many people will spend a huge amount of money on a good quality knife set and trust that this will make them a better cook.

Whilst there is an iota of truth in this - because having better tools generally make for a better result - it is definitely not the be all and end all of getting to be a better cook. If, however, you are keen to get yourself a new kitchen knife set, then read on.

Choosing the best kitchen knife set

If you spend enough time looking around shops and the internet trying to track down a new set of kitchen knives, you will probably feel quite overwhelmed by the sheer number of different manufacturers making knife sets, and then the different shapes, sizes and models that can overwhelm you.

It is important to not get too overwhelmed by all of these different brands and ranges, because at the core of it, you will probably have a relatively tight set of requirements.

For example, those people who have a large budget will be looking at a Shun, Global or Wusthof knife set which are definitely on the more expensive side and offer some pretty impressive knifes. However, for those with a mid range budget, you will be more constrained to Victorinox, Henckels and perhaps Ginsu and Chicago Cutlery.

If you are happy spending some money on a good set of kitchen knives, then any of these brands will not be a disappointment. It is when you starting trying to spend under 50 dollars on a knife set that they run into trouble, because the build quality and materials are really very poor, and could be more of a hinderance than a help in the kitchen.

More knives is not always best

One other thing to bear in mind when shopping for a new kitchen knife set is that you do not always need a set of 10 or 12 kitchen knives in one block. I personally have 4 knives and a bread knife, and I have never had need for any more. There is a saying that if you build it then they will come, and this can apply to consumer goods, too, in that if you buy 12 kitchen knives, you will probably end up using 12 kitchen knives! It’s just more washing up!

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