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Shun Knife Blocks

Shun Knife Blocks
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When it comes to making beautiful knives and knife blocks, Shun is pretty much leading the game right now. There are few other kitchen knife producers and forgers who are able to match Shun in terms of design, quality and utility of their knives.

However, this obviously comes at a bit of a price, and this Shun 6 piece knife set in a bamboo block is no exception. Although I wanted to be realistic about this post, and not include some of the knife sets that climb into the thousands of dollars, this is still a very expensive set of kitchen knives, and are for the really dedicated cooks and chefs out there.

The knives are reinforced Damascus steel which refuses to rust, and the six knives are presented fabulously in a bamboo knife block, which contrasts the hard, cold steel of the blades rather nicely.

If you’re quick you can still pick this one up at Amazon with free shipping, but you’ll need to get your skates on for Christmas!

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