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Fibrox Knife Set

Fibrox Knife Set
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There has been a bit of confusion - certainly in my own head - about whether Victornox is Forschner or how the whole thing works.

Well, it turns out that Forschner - who originally branded these Fibrox kitchen knives - is a division of Swiss Army Brands, which also makes the Victorinox kitchen knives. So, they are effectively one and the same, or at least they are for the sake of argument.

I have been keen on Victorinox knives for some time; they provide a great quality of knife with reliable blades, but they are far more affordable than the more high end brands such as Wusthof and Global. And, to be perfectly honest, if all you need is a good set of well built kitchen knives that will last, these Victorinox Fibrox knives are a really sound investment.

Having done quite a lot of research into kitchen knives, and having handled a fair few myself, I can assure you for a set of three kitchen knives - as we see here with the Fibrox - is rarely found with such high praise from other customers and consumers on Amazon. At the time of writing there have been 76 reviews (which is a lot for kitchen knives) and the average rating is 5/5 - this really is quite an unprecedented score for this small shopping niche.

The pack of three gives you plenty of versatility with a 4 inch fibrox paring knife, and what are effectively two chef’s knives of slightly different styles and sizes - one being more suited to slicing than the other. In terms of getting a kitchen off the ground, you really ought not to look any further than this set of fantastic kitchen knives.

You can read more reviews and look at buying options on Amazon, who are currently offering the Fibrox 3 piece kitchen knife set at 30% discount.