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Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan Review

Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan Review
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Being based in Europe for much of the year has many advantages, but also some disadvantages. Whilst I get to enjoy the gastronomy of the French and Spanish ways of life, there are some home comforts that I tend to miss out on.

Given that this site is, well, dedicated to kitchen knives it is a bit of a disadvantage that I have not much exposure to the kitchen knife sets by Chicago Cutlery over recent years.

This Chicago Cutlery Metropolitan Knife Set is one of the great examples of American craftmanship when it comes to kitchen knives; often we see the kitchen knife market dominated by the likes of the European and Japanese knife forgers, and people often overlook the great Chicago Cutlery.

Of course this knife set is pretty inexpensive given the number of pieces (15) it offers, but it is worth bearing in mind that what it lacks up for in razor sharp knife edges, it makes up for in value for money.

Overall this is a well received kitchen knife set from CC, and you could do a lot worse than starting off your new kitchen with a block of these knives.

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