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The Best Kitchen Zester

The Best Kitchen Zester
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I should really come clean straight away and admit that I have already done a review of this Microplane Zester, and it came under the title of “Is this the best zester in the world?” and my view is still the same - yes, it is.

Since my original review, on another site, last year, there have been no serious contenders to Microplane’s position at the top of the grating and zesting tree, so that if anyone is still looking to get their hands on the most efficient, straightforward and effective zester there is, that they should be making a bee line for this Microplane 40020 Zester/Grater.

If you have ever attempted to zest a lemon or lime, you will be acutely aware that most other types of grater and zester make a bit of a meal of it. Zested fruit is supposed to be about getting tiny fragments of skin which holds all the zest of a fruit. Unfortunately, most tools out there to do this end up chunking great bit lumps of fruit into the mix, too. This Microplane Zester stands out in a crowd of sub par and ill thought out kitchen utensils by providing what is quite simply the most enjoyable grating experience you’re likely to come across.

It sounds like an overreaction and extreme message to write about something that should really be so mundane. But it is because grating and zesting should be a mundane task that this Microplane 40020 classic zester stands out - it is really fun to use.

There should really be a warning to accompany this purchase, stating not to get too carried away when grating cheese with the Microplane, because before you know it, there will be a big pile of parmesan on the chopping board, and nothing left in your hand!

If you are looking for a zester, look no further than this Microplane model - it has been top of the zesting chart for over a year, and looks likely to keep that position.

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