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Shun Ken Onion Steak Knives

Shun Ken Onion Steak Knives
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Well, not in all my years did I expect to come across a set of steak knives so fine, so well crafted, so well balanced and so darn nice to look at as these Ken Onion steak knives from Shun. We have featured a number of different steak knives, and a number of different Shun kitchen knives here over the last year, but somehow we managed to miss the bit in the middle.

These steak knives are pretty much the holy grail when it comes to top end meat cutting action; forged with some serious VG-10 steel and layered 16 times with ultra carbon enriched stainless steel knives, you would be a fool to pass these up if you are in the market for some new steak knives, and have the money for Shun.

Oh, and they have a great box, too!

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