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Global 4 Inch Paring Knife

Global 4 Inch Paring Knife
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The world of Global knives is quite a murky one for me - and it is probably largely because I do not actually OWN any; I’ve just used quite a few over the years and oggled at them in kitchen stores.

With a name like the “Global GS-7 4” Parer” it is perhaps not a surprise that people can become a bit bogged down in silly details when trying to buy a Global paring knife online - Amazon is literally covered with different models, sizes and names.

In reality, you do not really need to worry about this stuff, as you can rest assured that any Global kitchen knife you pick up is going to probably out last you in terms of sharpness. You will have lot your marbles long before a Global kitchen knife gives up on you.

Of course, this 4 inch paring knife from Global is no exception. You pay a pretty high price for this knife, but you can rest easy that it will be sharper, stay sharper, cut better and feel as well balanced as any other paring knife you have ever come across. I appreciate that it sounds a little dramatic, but…well, it’s true.

You can check out this Global paring knife over on Amazon, who pretty much always offer the best prices. Happy slicing!